My wife Jacqueline and I have lived in Devon for over thirty years but I first ventured onto Dartmoor in the late 1960’s whilst at Plymouth School of Navigation where I was sent for pre-sea training prior to joining my first ship as a Deck Cadet in the Merchant Navy.

In the intervening years that it took to gain my Master Mariners Certificate I developed a taste for ‘wilderness walking,’ so it was natural to become captivated by Dartmoor, the wide open spaces, the rugged terrain, the famous tors, each one different from its neighbour and of course the history of the moor and the people who helped shape it into what we see today.

The connection between Dartmoor and maritime trade goes back a long way. There is evidence of imports and exports from the Mediterranean as long ago as the Bronze age, so sailors played an important part in the history of the moor even then.

Come out for a day on the moor and experience for yourself some of the magic of the places we can take you to and hear some of the stories of past inhabitants, both real and  mystical.